What We Do.

Talent can only take you so far. You tend to find the talented athletes rest on their God given abilities, while the second and third stringers work day and night to crack the lineup. The secret is the discipline to consistently do the little things that amount to big performances down the road. It's not easy, and if you’re not willing to form the correct habits and have a burning desire to excel, you need not apply.

Do You Qualify?

Single-sport - You play the same sport all year round. You have one or two competitive seasons, (indoor, outdoor etc.). You find there is little time to add other movement to your athletic toolkit, fix those nagging injuries, or better yet build a base to prepare you to excel in your upcoming season.

Multi-sport or multi-season athlete - Some multi-season athletes find there is no time for proper preparation. Playing two different seasons through the year leaves little time to rehab nagging injuries, improve, or to prepare for the next season. The multi-sport athlete is often rushing from one season to the next often with no breaks between seasons, finding they often overlap causing other problems.
You're preparing for the next level- you have been recognized by your peers as one of the top players in your game, and you now want to take it further and compete with the best. Now you need guidance, to help prepare you in the short time you have for your sport audition.

Major injury - You've suffered a catastrophic injury, you feel like you'll never return to your former condition, or progress past where you were. The goal is to get back to game shape as quickly and safely as possible. Most important, you want to make sure your injury will not affect future performance and to decrease the chances of suffering the same injury again or worse.

What are we looking for?

  • Athletes who understand this is a long term process. Increases in performance can be seen over the short term, but by focusing on the daily building blocks and the discipline to carry out the necessary steps, you will succeed!
  • You are willing to follow instructions, and enjoy constructive criticism in an enjoyable but productive atmosphere.
  • Highly competitive, with the desire to be the best.
  • Not adverse to train with individuals who are better than you, but realize better competition brings out the best in you.
  • Have a keen desire to help others become better

If you can live with this click get better now!

Coaches, do you need help?

We are here to help you not hinder. Coaching is a huge responsibility, and you often spend long hours off the field trying to prepare practices and game planning. You're concerned with the lack of movement skills and preparation that the athletes exhibit when they join your team. We can help, by providing the training to increase the conditioning, speed, strength, and power of your athletes. In some cases, if the athlete needs to gain or lose weight, we can put the necessary steps in place to complete their goals successfully.

You also have a desire to learn and implement the latest research that will help improve the results of your team. You want to implement the necessary strategies now, and see the improvement over the season. You’re not afraid of expanding your mind and your knowledge, which often times will be different than what you are accustomed to.

You also want help in finding the diamonds in the rough, the athletes that will shine right through the next level. You need a system of checks and balances to help you decipher who should be on your team, and where they will excel the most. Those of you who elect to assist their athletes with post secondary goals of scholarships, or pro level aspirations, we will be able to form a strategic alliance to move your athletes closer to that goal.

We are only accepting a limited number of athletes. Want to be one of them, start training now!