March 2010

Ask you Mobile Phone What To Eat!

Mar 23, 2010 8:29 PM
I Warner Sr.

It's hard to eat well when you’re at home, but what about when you’re away from home. If you’re like me, who can't cook from scratch, it can be a frustrated situation.

Well, I just downloaded an iPhone app, (also available for the Blackberry), called iFood assistant that seemed to solve a lot of my problems. The great thing about it, is its portability, you now have 7,000 recipes at your disposal. Do you think you can find something to eat now? You still have to make good decisions in terms of what to make and eat, but with the clear opening menu divided up into categories, it makes the decision process that much easier. Items such as recipe of the day, or budget wise are a great place to start, giving you a new idea every day; or something that will be cost effective and quick.

The simplicity of the program allows you to select a dish, and important information is displayed for you, like a picture of how it should look when you’re done. An ingredient list is also given, so you know if you have to make a shopping trip or not. If you do it will make a list for you so you don’t forget anything. It tells you how long it will take to prepare the ingredients, and how long you have to wait until it’s done. The best thing of all, you can go over the nutritional information, to see if you made a wise decision or not. If you need to see how the meal is made, you can watch a video of the creation.

The program comes in two versions. The lite version only allows you to store 5 recipes, 3 videos, and fewer items on the home menu page. The full version is $0.99 and allows unlimited recipes storage as well as, unlimited videos. For Students, I suggest the lite version, and write down your favorite meals so you can search for them later.

If you are a inclined to use a desktop computer, you can go to these websites Kraft Recipies, and Kraft Canada, to do the same thing as well.

You never have to say “what can I eat” again!

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  Jul 15, 2010 23:40PM

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