March 2010

3 Tips For 3D Training

Mar 28, 2010 8:25 PM
I Warner Sr.

I went to the store to take a look at the new 3D TV that has recently come on the market. Visually stunning is all I can say! There was depth as well as items simultaneously jumping out at you, giving you a much more satisfying movie viewing experience. As I was driving back home, my thoughts turned to 3D training.

What is 3D training you ask? Good question! Have you ever met an athlete or bodybuilder with great mirror muscles, chest, shoulders, arms, and abs? These are primarily the muscles you see in the gym, and remember most mirrors go down to waist height, because there is usually a dumbbell rack or other pieces of equipment in front. They often forget there is a whole new world behind them waiting to be discovered. Or the guy with a great upper body, whose legs have never seen the light of day, being constantly covered with baggy pants.

3D training means, to borrow a bodybuilding term, symmetry. The upper and lower body are balanced, your front and back have even depth, and finally your left and, right side look like mirror images. Of course nobody can guarantee perfect balance, but you should strive to make sure your program works the necessary muscles for your sport, and the antagonist, (opposite) muscles as well. This will help to decrease the chance of injury by making sure you keep the strength ratios within a safe limit.

  • Take photos of yourself, that will help you spot imbalances
  •  Familiarize yourself with anatomy, to ensure that a balanced approach to training is covered in your training plan
  •  Don’t fall in love with your favorite lifts, or your best body parts, make sure you train the areas you hate to do.

Be as pleasing to the eye as the new TV’s are, while being able to perform like the athletes’ that are on them!

I’ll cover more 3D training, starting with the core in another post.

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  Jul 15, 2010 23:33PM

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