March 2010

Ask you Mobile Phone What To Eat!

Mar 23, 2010 8:29 PM
I Warner Sr.

It's hard to eat well when you’re at home, but what about when you’re away from home. If you’re like me, who can't cook from scratch, it can be a frustrated situation.

Well, I just downloaded an iPhone app, (also available for the Blackberry), called iFood assistant that seemed to solve a lot of my problems. The great thing about it, is its portability, you now have 7,000 recipes at your disposal. Do you think you can find something to eat now? You still have to make good decisions in terms of what to make and eat, but with the clear opening menu divided up into categories, it makes the decision process that much easier. Items such as recipe of the day, or budget wise are a great place to start, giving you a new idea every day; or something that will be cost effective and quick.

The simplicity of the program allows you to select a dish, and important information is displayed for you, like a picture of how it should look when you’re done. An ingredient list is also given, so you know if you have to make a shopping trip or not. If you do it will make a list for you so you don’t forget anything. It tells you how long it will take to prepare the ingredients, and how long you have to wait until it’s done. The best thing of all, you can go over the nutritional information, to see if you made a wise decision or not. If you need to see how the meal is made, you can watch a video of the creation.

The program comes in two versions. The lite version only allows you to store 5 recipes, 3 videos, and fewer items on the home menu page. The full version is $0.99 and allows unlimited recipes storage as well as, unlimited videos. For Students, I suggest the lite version, and write down your favorite meals so you can search for them later.

If you are a inclined to use a desktop computer, you can go to these websites Kraft Recipies, and Kraft Canada, to do the same thing as well.

You never have to say “what can I eat” again!

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More Evidence - Track & Football Are Beneficial

Mar 16, 2010 10:15 PM
I Warner Sr.

This is a great article about two NCAA atheletes who participate in both sports. Although it is tough on them in terms of  practice, school, and their competitive schedules, they find the benefit far outweighs the temporary pain.

This is obviously an extreme case, but it shows that it can be done. If great care is taken to not overtrain, and to pay attention to recovery techniques, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Athletes sport two games:


What Did The NFL Combine Results Tell You?

Mar 15, 2010 11:29 AM
I Warner Sr.

Now that the combine is officially over, did you watch it with an eye to learn, or were you just in awe of the talent? I have always said, film does not lie! Did you notice the fastest time run belonged to a track guy, and third place  was taken by a sprinter as well!

Except for the second place runner, the best times were run by the individuals who were the most relaxed. Some of the commentators even marveled at the superhuman effort being displayed by the players to run faster. But what they didn't realize was they were telling prospective athletes that this is the norm when running a 40. They were WRONG!

They seem to focus on, "are you a track guy or a football guy?" That question is irrelevant, if the athlete is in attendance, there should be no question as to his allegiance. There are still coaches perpetuating the myth that track will not help your football game, and football will not help track athletes.

If you watch the Taylor Mays video below, you'll see how much wasted effort and strain was involved in his run. This guy is no doubt one strong indvidual, who muscled his way into what should have been a fast time. In fact it may have even rivaled Chris Johnsons' mark.

Imagine what he could have done, if he learned how to run. There would definetly be no spectulation as to what he really ran. He decisively beat the current NCAA champion who ran a 10.00 flat 100 m race into a headwind!

In my opinion Trindon Holiday (3rd) didn't prepare for the combine, instead choosing to rest on his training on the track for his results. The two activities, although they look the same to the naked eye, are different. One is pure acceleration, while the other sprints, maintains the speed , and sprints again; what works in one, won't necessarily work in the other, so it's important to be coached with that in mind.

So what?

You need to take elements of both sports and incorporate them into your training regime to obtain the best results. Oh and by the way the current 60 m indoor champion, Jeff Demps, is a football player for the Florida Gators.

This video composite is so sick, I had to include it. It shows all the top finishers in the various positions. Enjoy!

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February 2010

Do You Have Heart!

Feb 17, 2010 10:59 AM
I Warner Sr.

Petra Majdic, remember this name.

This is the Slovanian cross-country skier who fell down a gully, and broke her equipment, 6 ribs and punctured a lung. Days later she competed, and garnered herself a bronze medal at the Vancouver games!

Do you have that kind of heart? I am not condoning competing against doctors’ orders, or jeopardizing you life for an expensive, polished keepsake, or pushing beyond your human limitations, but do you have heart?

There are plenty of athletes out there today, who are fully expecting to enjoy the spoils without putting in the time, work, or effort. There are those who are taking shortcuts that are illegal or life threatening just to be the best. The world has plenty of, ‘ Do I have to run so far?’, of How come we have to do this?” My point is curb the whining and complaining and train to the best of your ability. Push yourself within the confines of proper training to squeeze every ounce of ability out of your DNA! When your slacking off, you opponent is cranking out that last rep, sprint, hit, basket, mile,….. Get the picture.

I say again DO YOU HAVE HEART! Remember the name Petra Majdic.

Slovenia's Petra Majdic is helped by officials after crossing the finish line in the women's individual sprint classic cross-country final at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler on Wednesday.Photograph by: Michael Dalder , Reuters

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Go Canada!

Feb 16, 2010 1:12 PM
I Warner Sr.

It was definitely cool seeing a gold medal awarded to a Canadian on his home turf. I was especially taken aback with the exuberant crowd participation in the moment. It was touching to say the least. There seems to be an Olympic spirit in the air after all.

Remember these athletes have been training for years leading up to an event that may last anywhere from seconds to hours. The point is all the athletes seem to make the remark that it went so fast! Although the competition is the high point of an athlete’s career, the training leading up to it is grueling but arguably one of the most important elements that takes place prior to the performance.

If you really want something in life, you are going to have to make the necessary sacrifices to accomplish your goal.

Photo credit balleyne

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January 2010

Should You Lift Weights During Football Season?

Jan 9, 2010 10:44 PM
Ian Warner Sr.

One of the reasons I stress lifting between seasons, is to prepare your body for a long grueling competitive envrionment that you will be involved in. But what about keeping those hard earned gains while your playing? When it comes down to it, while watching the Jets play the Bengals, I found an interesting article about Thomas Jones and how he has lasted so long, especially during the second more.

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